One step further in managing and protecting cash. Perfodeposit is completely secured safe allowing depositing and storing large quantities of bank notes. Advantages : Robust, secured and compact. - Prevents fraud and theft. - Large storage capacity (1200 notes). - Protection using a cash neutralisation (ink dying) system. - User management and access rights. - Large touch screen. 24/7 remote access to management software. Quick insertion of banknotes - MEI reader allows depositing bundles of notes (approximately 30 notes) and automatically rejects counterfeit notes. Remote access and reporting - Secure web access for remote configuring PERFODEPOSIT automated machines and managing transactions. Optimum Security - Robust steel box and electronic multipoint lock with programmable time delay Protection of notes - Secured safe available with and optional neutralization system (ink dying) allowing storing up to 1200 notes. Advanced management of deposits - Multilingual software accessible using a touch screen. Optional printing system allowing keeping a paper receipt of transactions. Accessibility and modularity - The machine can be placed directly on the floor or onto an optional base anchored with 4 M10-type fixing. Compact and discreet, it fits into confined spaces.
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